Gergely Kömöz

The young man, born in the summer of 1979, was touched by the spirit of photography only in the spring of 2007. He considers photography an amazing thing for it tames him and relaxes him. Since then photography absorbed completely into his days, thus he keeps seeking themes always whilst he wanders on streets or roams the country side. He prefers mostly the river and lake side themes and landscapes but besides he takes pictures about town’s people, buildings, some events and programmes, too. His pictures are taken mostly by digital technique and for the more special effects he often uses optical filters. Between 2007 and 2012 he is the member of Ágens Fényfestő Egylet (Agent Lightpainter Fraternity) which is a friendly community of photographers. Since 2010 he participates as a tutor of a beginner photocoarse of ZebrArt Stúdió. He achieved succeses at many local and international photo awards, his photos appeared in many exhibitions and magazines. From all his achievements he is proudest on the winner prize of the XXVII. Press photo competition and the grand prize of the EISA Photo Maestro 2009-2010.